Old Granary Burial Ground Boston

Samuel Adams Grave Marker - Old Granary Burial Ground Boston

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Old Granary Burial Ground

Yummy Walk's tour of the Foods of the Freedom Trail will take you by the Old Granary Burial Ground, the third oldest burial ground in the city of Boston. Come along on our walking tour and taste the traditional culinary delights of the city while learning about some of Boston's most important historical landmarks.

The Old Granary Burial Ground was founded in 1660 and was named for the old grain storage building that once stood right next door. Today the Park Street Church occupies that site. Located on Tremont Street and along the Freedom Trail, the old Granary Burial Ground is full of history just waiting to be discovered.

Centuries ago, livestock from the Boston Common could be seen grazing in the burial ground. Eventually some of the approximately 2,300 stones were subtly moved to make way for modern landscaping, the lawnmower. Although there are only 2,300 grave markers, the Old Granary Burial Ground is estimated by historians to have at least 5000 people buried here, probably more. The expense of funerals was too much for most so many families shared one headstone with at least 20 people buried in each grave.

When you visit the Old Granary Burial Ground you will discover many famous people from history call this their final resting place. Buried here are Revolutionary War era patriots, 3 signers of the Declaration of Independence and even Paul Revere who shared his family plot with the victims of the Boston Massacre.

The oldest memorial in the burial grounds dates back to June of 1667. Why there is a seven year gap between the founding of the burial grounds and the first grave marker is still a mystery. Discover more mysteries surrounding this historic burial ground on your Boston walking tour exploring the foods and historical landmarks of Boston's famous Freedom Trail.

Boston is known as "America's Walking City". We think walking is the best way to truly experience a neighborhood. Our tours highlight different neighborhoods that are filled with history, interesting architecture, and wonderful restaurants and markets.

Our food tours in Boston explore the Freedom Trail, the North End, and the Seaport District.

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