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Our Food Tours in Boston will allow you to get to know the food, history and cultural aspects of the city.

Alex Gagnon founded Yummy Walks, Food Tours in Boston in conjunction with Guide Service of Boston, Inc. At the end of a 28 day hiking expedition of the Appalachian Trail with only a handful of trail mix and an apple left, he thought about combining a great walk with plentiful food. After taking many food tours in various cities he felt that the historical aspects of the tours were lacking and often he left the tour hungry. Alex wanted to combine a professional city tour with a food tour to get the best of both touring options. So he approached the Guide Service of Boston, a tour leader in Boston for 18 years, to utilize their knowledgable guides and partnered with iconic food vendors to provide an in depth tour of Boston as well as enough food for a meal for most people. His vision is to have the first comprehensive city tour of Boston as well as plentiful food along the way.
Guests will have a professional Boston Tour and a Food Tour in one!

Darlyn Gagnon grew up in a suburb of Boston and started exploring the city as a teenager. Her love of travel started after a year aboard in Vienna as a college student. After receiving a MSW from Florida State University, she worked as a medical social worker until deciding to become a tour director. She worked for many years as a tour director for a major tour company, traveling around the world. She returned to Boston and started the Guide Service of Boston in 1994, supplying guides for groups coming to Boston. In 2011, she collaborated with Yummy Walks to provide historical and culinary tours in Boston. In her spare time, she collects Mexican folk art, enjoys cooking, reading and of course travel.

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Boston is known as "America's Walking City". We think walking is the best way to truly experience a neighborhood. Our tours highlight different neighborhoods that are filled with history, interesting architecture, and wonderful restaurants and markets.

Our food tours in Boston explore the Freedom Trail, the North End, and the Seaport District.

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